What is Dentoalveolar Surgery?
Dentoalveolar surgery is the treatment of diseases of the teeth, soft tissue, and the jawbone.

What are Dentoalveolar Procedures?
The most common dentoalveolar procedure is the extraction of teeth that are either badly decayed or impacted (i.e. wisdom teeth).

Other dentoalveolar procedures include:

• Reshaping the jaw for dentures (preprosthetic surgery)
• Biopsy and removal of lesions
• Controlling oral infections
• Surgical placement of orthodontic appliances (braces)
• Soft tissue or bone grafts

Malpositioned Tooth Causing Damage to Adjacent ToothMalpositioned Tooth Removed and Area Prepared For a Prosthesis
Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon works with your general dentist and other dental specialists to deliver safe and proven techniques in dentoalveolar surgery. Please ask your doctor if you have any questions regarding your treatment.